Prime Bone-In Standing Rib Roast


Certified Angus Beef® Prime 

Absolutely delight everyone at your dinner table with an extraordinary Standing Rib Roast of Prime quality. From the impressive, yet classic, bone-in presentation to each flavorful bite, this Prime Rib Roast is a wonderfully majestic centerpiece. The kings and queens of your household deserve something exquisite — and this Standing Rib Roast is the just that.

Generously marbled and tender, our Rib Roasts are butcher-cut and hand-selected Certified Angus Beef® Prime.

Priced per pound. Use Quantity to select the number pounds you’d like.


How much should I order?

Generally speaking, figure your guests will need 1 pound per person for a dinner and 1/2 pound for a buffet.


Bone-In vs. Boneless Rib Roast

For bone-in, many love the presentation but it’s important to note that bones also help insulate the beef and allow it to cook more slowly which keeps the beef extra juicy and tender. Bone-In is hands-down the best bet because it’s more difficult to overcook and it’s stunning presentation.

For Boneless, the advantages are a shorter cooking time, and it’s more economical because you’re not paying for the weight of the bones.


What’s the difference in USDA Prime and Certified Angus Beef® Prime?

Only the best of the best qualifies. That’s the top 3%. Certified Angus Beef® Prime is far more selective and applies nine standards that USDA Prime does not. Superior fine texture and abundant marbling make Certified Angus Beef® Prime truly exceptional.

CAB Prime Pyramid of Meat Grades


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