Certified Angus Beef 80/20 Hamburger

Certified Angus Beef 80/20 Hamburger


Price per pound

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Price per pound.

Which is better, grass-fed or grain-finished beef?

All cattle are grass-fed and spend the majority of their lives on pasture eating grass. As cattle grow, grains like corn and wheat are added to their diets. This “grain finishing” enhances marbling in beef, giving it the great flavor we all enjoy. All beef, no matter how it was finished, is a good source of many essential nutrients, including zinc, iron and protein. And all beef is raised by farmers and ranchers who are passionate about bringing safe and wholesome beef to the table. As beef lovers, we appreciate all types of beef, and we believe this answer is a matter of taste.

What USDA grade of beef is equivalent to the Certified Angus Beef ® brand?

While there is overlap between U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) grades of beef and premium brands like ours, there are some differences – and our standards have always ensured a great eating experience that goes beyond the USDA grade.

The USDA first inspects all beef for wholesomeness and safety, regardless of the grade or brand it may earn. Then, most beef is graded by the USDA, to give consumers an indication of its quality. The grades of beef you’re likely to see are Prime (the very best), then Choice, then Select. USDA grades are primarily based on the amount of marbling – the small flecks of fat that melt during cooking and deliver flavor and juiciness.

Beyond USDA grades, beef may earn our premium Certified Angus Beef ® brand name if it meets all of our 10 quality standards – the most important of which is marbling. Our beef must have at least as much marbling as the very best of USDA Choice or Prime, plus meet our additional requirements – ensuring it is truly a cut above.