We are running a special on deer processing this year. It is $1.50 per pound for what is brought in to us. You can add extras like bacon, etc for an additional charge. Contact us for more information.

**We will offer vacuum sealing for the deer processing and bundles for 50 cents per bag.**

Deer Processing in Angier

We are happy to announce that we provide deer processing in Angier, NC. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Whole deer provided:

If you have skinned, gutted and quartered the deer, the processing fee is $1.50 per pound. We can bone it out or leave it on the bone.

Fat added to the order is $1.50 per pound.
Bacon in the place of beef or pork fat $4.99 per lb.

deer processing

What to expect:

Each deer that comes in is put into a food grade container with your name, address and phone number and what cuts you prefer attached to it. Deer are NOT mixed with other deer to assure what you get is what you brought in. No coolers, bags, boxes or any other items are to be left on the premises. Any containers will be disposed of and a charge of $10.00 will be added to your bill to cover disposal.

We offer hamburger, steaks, cube steaks, roasts, stew meat and bulk sausage. You can choose from mild, hot, Italian, or bratwurst at no charge. Jalepeno and cheese is also available for an added fee of $3.00 per pound. If you prefer link sausage that is available at $1.50 per pound.  If there are any other particular cuts you prefer, please tell us at check-in. All deer will be wrapped in butcher paper. We also offer vacuum sealing for 50 cents per bag.

Once we have completed processing your deer, you will be notified, and you will have three days to pick up your meat.
After three days there will be a $5 per day charge. After seven days we will dispose of your meat and charge you a $40 disposal fee. The bill will be sent to your address for processing and other fees.

Please note that deer must be skinned and gutted to be processed.

Drop-Off Hours:

From the opening day of bow season until the last day of the regular season, drop off hours are from 9am-6:30pm Monday through Saturday.

If we are not here when you are dropping a deer off for processing, please call 919-538-3888.  We are closed on Sundays, Thanksgiving day, and Christmas day.  We do accept legally harvested deer all year outside of season.


If you are interested in donating your deer to the homeless and needy in our communities, we can help you with that.

We need your help offsetting costs of processing deer for local food banks! Here’s how you can help others that are truly in need.

You can either skin and quarter the deer OR bring it in straight from the field. The hunter pays no money to process the deer.

PLEASE,NO ROADKILL DEER! We cannot take them for donations because they are usually damaged much worse than they look and we cannot guarantee the freshness of the meat.

We will need your name, address, telephone number and harvest number of your legally taken deer.

If you would like to donate money to help offset our costs for processing the deer please contact us. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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