If you’re looking for quality meats, your local butcher can be your best friend.


Food is medicine. It’s that simple.
quality butcher meat on a fork

our business

Carolina Butcher Shop in Angier, NC will provide fresh, sustainable meats including Certified Angus Beef, Grass-Fed Baldwin Beef, and IBP Pork. All of our cuts of meats will be done in store to ensure the highest quality. Our professional butcher will ensure your satisfaction.

who we are

What makes us different from going to the grocery store? You can get Jon and his staff to grind your ground beef or cut your steak in store and to-order. No more of standing around and wondering what’s good and what’s not. You can get quality meats at affordable prices and with great customer service. Carolina Butcher Shop is ahead in its class and is ready to serve you today.

We cut meats in-store and to-order. Every chef will tell you that “Step 1” is always, always start with the freshest ingredients.